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Thank you for visiting! We are a non-profit(501c-3) rescue group covering the San Diego localities. We work with various agencies and groups in the effort to rescue and place homeless Siberian Huskies. All adoptions are screened and adoptions are subject to a Adoption contract with a tax-deductible donation of $150-$250 for adult dogs. Any dog younger than 4 months are a $300 donation

All dogs at this site are in the San Diego area. We work with both Huskies in the shelters as well as Huskies in private homes looking for new owners. If you are interested in a adopting or finding a new home for your Husky you will need to do the following.

Read our Rescue Policy regarding our rescue/adoption process. If you are still interested, then PLEASE fill out a online application. If you have questions, then email us. We are constantly getting new dogs that never make the Available page.

Please feel free to look around our site and view the dogs we have available for adoptions.

Please note we are not Siberian Husky breeders. We do not have puppies for sale! The majority of SanDiegoHuskies rescue Huskies are usually adult dogs. We occasionally get puppies, but that is a rare occasion. If you are seeking a puppy, please make sure you do your research on the breed. Husky puppies are as time/attention needy as humans except they have sharp teeth and will dig & destroy unless given adequate exercise & stimulation as well as obedience training. Keep in mind a lot of the huskies that end up in our shelters were purchased as "cute Snowdog puppies" only to be thrown away because the owners didn't really understand the breed. SO PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!! THANK YOU!

Siberian Huskies are very special dogs for very special people. It is our goal at SanDiegoHuskies to unite wonderful loving dogs with wonderful loving permanent homes. We take the time to assess and work with any needs these dogs have to allow people who are looking to adopt to get happy, healthy dogs from us. Using a Rescue Group that is breed specific allows you more information about the breed AND the individual dog you are looking to adopt! Its our goal to provide useful information to both current Husky owners as well as those who are considering adopting a husky.

Please see our News\Events for Doggy Academy in Chula Vista and our latest discovery in Husky-friendly leashes!! THANKS!